Website Changes. Introducing BEARNOBULL.COM

It has been 5 years and there is a need for changes.

The name NEW$-TO-USE is no longer a good reflection of the blog content. While I will continue to post the pertinent facts in a logical and useful manner, my views and analysis are just as important, at least as a proportion of the total content.

Given widespread subjective and biased reporting and analysis across the blogosphere, there is a clear need for objective, rational and honest reporting and analysis and I want my blog to be distinctly in that camp.

I strive for objectivity, being no bear, no bull, unless clearly justified and supported by facts. This is not a forecasting game. It is a game of probabilities, risk vs reward, which we play according to our own situation that our personal level of risk aversion should dictate.

My reporting and analysis shall bear no bull and I will always denounce biased reports and analysis when I see them ‘cause I bear no bull. Neither should you.

I also improved the layout:

  • The main section is wider, enabling larger charts. I love charts, they save words and they provide useful and critical perspective.
  • The sidebar is much less busy as I moved many info and links to the top menus which, I believe, makes it easier to find important reference posts.
  • I have also set a page dedicated to the Rule of 20 Barometer chart which I will update regularly. The page can be easily accessed with the tab on the top menu.
  • My track record is also available from a top menu tab.
  • There will be fewer posts per page, reducing load time and scrolling.
  • Reading on a mobile phone is greatly improved.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

This blog remains totally open and free. The only revenues the blog gets is from your interest (i.e. harmless clicks) in my advertisers’ banners and from your use of the Amazon search box on the sidebar to purchase from (BNB gets a small cut). These revenues don’t come even close to covering the cost of research and blog maintenance, so donations are really appreciated. They are useful to everybody since all revenues are reinvested in research material.


Thank you again for your constant interest. I am truly honoured. I will try to ensure a smooth transition to BEARNOBULL.COM. However, if you don’t receive your daily e-mail from BEARNOBULL.COM by February 15, I would truly appreciate if you re-subscribed. The subscribers list will never, ever, be used for anything else.


Launching a new blog with a different theme and platform is a lot of work and carries some transition risks. For this reason, I will be publishing on both NEW$-TO-USE.COM and BEARNOBULL.COM for about 2 weeks, monitoring the transition to ensure fluidity and continuity. Please do not hesitate to contact me if anything is wrong or annoying at your end.

Red heart These changes and improvements would not have been possible without help from my sweetheart Suzanne. She is an outstanding contributor to this new platform with her creativity, artistic sense and uncompromising professionalism.

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