A few days ago, as I was typing the date of my daily New$ & View$ post, I realized that I have been doing this blog for 4 years.

“Should I continue?” I wondered.

Within 3 seconds, I was hitting the keys again.

The next day, PayPal notified me that it had received a donation for News-to-Use through the Tip Jar on the blog sidebar. Dean K., the donator, had probably no clue this was NTU’s fourth anniversary but his gesture, particularly his short comment “Thank you! Awesome blog!” had the effect of an immense gift.

I started News-To-Use at the trough of the financial crisis. Retired from full time professional money management, I was seeking ways to optimize my investment process during this very dark and truly frightening period. Writing a blog enabled me to:

  • find, read, organize and archive the economic and financial facts pertinent to the investment decision making process, pruning out the mediatized but often useless noise;
  • be disciplined in my digging for pertinent facts and be totally honest and unbiased in my posting and analysis;
  • better assess who, among the zillions of “expert” talking heads, economists and strategists were really doing the appropriate background work and intelligent, unbiased thinking;
  • think and write freely.

In reality, News-To-Use is very personal. It fulfills my own needs and aspirations which, because the blog is free, are my only masters.

However, to my continuous amazement, there are more and more people like you who express their appreciation for my work by coming back, subscribing, commenting and, occasionally, donating to help support the financial cost of this blog. I am truly honored and thankful, even though your growing presence is, admittedly, eroding my sovereignty.

Aside from the good advice and loving support I get from my sweetheart Suzanne, NTU is a team work between me, myself and I. Making the team working harmoniously while feeding the blog unfortunately leaves little time to perform such mundane tasks like marketing and site maintenance. I get substantially more satisfaction working on the content than on the container. Advertising revenues thus remain elusive but the budget deficit, unlike that of the U.S. Government, is bearable and, honestly, gets entirely compensated by your encouragement.

Speaking of content, keep in mind that the objective here is not to time the market nor to forecast index levels in the future. I leave that to the true, rotating experts. What this blog is about is proper measurement of risk/reward profiles (i.e. upside potential vs downside risk) with simple and accessible ways and means which everybody can understand and use (e.g. the Rule of 20) , supplemented with factual analysis of economic and financial variables that have a meaningful impact on the investment environment, particularly on investors sentiment. I try to provide you with all the pertinent facts, positive and negative,  humbly submitting my own analysis for your consideration.

For my own peace of mind, I constantly remind myself of Warren Buffett’s two basic investment rules:

  1. Don’t lose money.
  2. Never forget rule no.1.

Thanks for reading.


8 thoughts on “FOUR YEARS!

  1. HAPPY starting MONDAY with you .
    is my honore to have your’s information analysis very correct ..SO we have longer’s day to pass. 348 days or wrong calculation?
    thank you will enjoy reading ..

  2. We’ve connected in the past – jut want to say I’m a continuing reader and thank you! Once I have my first job, I will donate…not a good place right now to be a college student!


  3. Thanks for providing all the insightful analyses. I truly find this blog as useful for my studies in my economics major. Once again, I appreciate your time.


  4. Thanks for your time and your continuing efforts. Great research, great blog ! I enjoy reading your posts, it is written in such a beautiful way !

  5. Hi Denis,

    Time has definitely flown by really fast…

    And I gotta say.. I still like coming back to the site for a good leisurely read.


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