Investments need to be based on solid facts, first and foremost. What are the facts, plain and simple. What is really happening, not what we wish, hope or pray for. We need to know what is, not what could, might or should be.

The world is not static and momentum is also important. Facts being well established, a good understanding of trends is therefore paramount to good investment returns. Trends are not forecasts. Trends tell of actual changes from a previous state. Up, down or sideways. Trends are also facts.

  • Knowing the facts
  • seeing the trends and
  • understanding the agents of change to appreciate the quality (reliability) of the trends.

This is what Facts & Trends seek to provide.

Facts & Trends will be a new regular feature on News-To-U(se): I will expose the facts on a number of key themes and track their trends, hopefully helping us making better informed and more timely investments. Readers are invited to contribute, confronting the facts and/or the trends, or volunteering their own.


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