Commodities’ Biggest Drop Since Lehman Bear Signal

(…) The Journal of Commerce commodity index that includes steel, cattle hides, tallow and burlap plunged 57 percent in May, two years after a decline that foreshadowed the worst recession in half a century. The index of 18 industrial materials declined the most since October 2008 as Europe’s debt crisis widened and China took steps to curb growth. (…)

The Journal of Commerce Industrial Price Commodity Smoothed Price Index reflects clearer signs of supply and demand than futures markets because half the items it tracks don’t trade on exchanges used by speculators, said Lakshman Achuthan, the managing director at the New York-based Economic Cycle Research Institute. The gauge dropped to 25.97 on May 28 from 60.56 on April 30. (…)

Now, “the collapse in the commodity index is telling us that the peak in global industrial growth is imminent, it’s here right now,” said Achuthan. “Markets are going to have to deal with the reality of a slowdown.” (…)

Full Bloomberg article

Here is the 3-year chart for the JOC Index”


However, many key commodity prices have actually bounced back in the last week of May.


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