• Obama Seeks Boost to Nuclear Energy: The Obama administration is planning to propose tripling a program that provides loan guarantees to construct nuclear reactors, an administration official said, aiming to reach out to Republican lawmakers in an effort to break a logjam over energy policy. (WSJ)

  • Obamatomic: After some initial uncertainty, it is becoming clear that the US president may do even more for atomic energy than his predecessor (FT)

  • Pinocchio President? By ALAN ABELSON Obama bashers are at it again. Stocks are sinking under a wave of good news.(WSJ)

  • Obama sets stage for fiscal retrenchment: President vows to pullback America‚Äôs $1,400bn fiscal deficit (FT)

  • Obama Outlines Plan to Increase Employment: The plan would give companies a tax credit of up to $5,000 for each new hire and reimburse them for Social Security taxes if they expand their payrolls. (NYT)


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